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We provide service to Stark, Wayne, Carroll and Tuscarawas Counties

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We are your local indoor air quality and energy efficiency experts

Air Duct Cleaning

Ensure you are breathing clean, fresh air while inside your home.

Filter Replacement

Subscribe and have a clean, new filter waiting at your door. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Lint is one of the most flammable items in your home.

Heating & Cooling

Let us help make sure your heating and cooling system is running properly.

We want to help improve your quality of life

The services we offer are aimed at improving the indoor air quality, safety and efficiency of your home. We are locally owned and operated and service Stark, Wayne, Carroll and Tuscarawas counties. We are happy to now be offering air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services. Our business is built on honesty and ensuring we are providing you quality work with outstanding results.

Studies show indoor air pollution is on a rise.

Organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency or the World Health Organization have done extensive studies on the air we breath and how it affects our health. With us increasing our time indoors and our homes being built better than ever we are breathing in more harmful contaminants than ever before.

Indoor Air Pollution is ranked in the top 5 risks to public health

Indoor air quality can be up to 5x more polluted than outdoor air.

We spend 90% of our time indoors.


Will my house be less dusty after you clean my ducts?

Yes, the inside of your duct work is the equivalent of an extra room in your home that never gets dusted or vacuumed. When the furnace or air conditioner fan turns on, dust from the duct work gets churned up and blown into the rooms of your home.

How do I know what size filter I need?

Just check your old filter, the measurements are usually printed on the side. If you don’t have a filter- measure the inside dimensions of your return air vent- the length, width and space for the thickness of the filter. Most furnaces require a 1″ thick filter, but there are also some that go up to 5″.

I live in a new home, will your services still benefit me?

Absolutely! Up to 50% of air duct system cleaning is done in homes that are less than five years old. During construction, the duct work is wide open and the air handler is running many times without a filter. During this time, construction debris such as pieces of plaster, drywall, wood, dust, insects and insulation, are accumulated in the duct work.

Does dryer vent cleaning help lower my energy bills?

Yes, by having your dryer vent professionally cleaned, your clothes dryer will run more efficiently. Your dryer will not have to run as long, lessening the wear and tear on your dryer, reducing your need for repair and lengthening the life of your dryer.

Will your equipment work in my air ducts?

The equipment we use to clean the air ducts is effective in all types of air duct construction, including flex duct, round metal ducts, square metal ducts, and fiberboard. It can easily accommodate right angle turns and multiple bends found in most types of duct systems.

How would a filter subscription service help me?

Most people can’t remember the last time they changed their air filters. Can you? Indoor Wellness delivers our high-performance, professional-grade filters to your door – notifying you when it is time to change them.  No more shopping or struggling to remember your filter size.  Everything else that’s important to your family’s well-being is now being delivered.

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